"Working with Stephanie was a dream come true, especially for a person like me with a wild imagination but who freezes with fear when thinking about syntax and grammar. I was able to vomit all my thoughts on paper and Stephanie organized them in such an incredible way and without ever stepping on my creativity. She edited every chapter after I completed it to help me meet my deadline. After four months of us working together I had a completely finished and edited novel. It was a beautiful collaborative process, with me writing and Stephanie always right behind me, editing away like some kind of writer relay race. I would read back through her edits and rarely had any conflicts with any of them; it's  like there was a piece of her living in my mind, making it a better place. In addition to her edits, she was also always there for me when I suffered from writer's block, and she made outlines and maps for me to follow in the preliminary stages of the novel. She pushed me to get to the end in a timely manner, with incredibly helpful feedback every step of the way, provided to me at any time of the day (or even very late at night). She deserves just as much credit for the book as I do, if not more. She is a gift from the editing gods, and she truly lives to help other people's visions look perfect."

-Joanna Angel, author of Night Shift: A Choose-Your-Own Erotic Fantasy